4 Ways To Avoid Eating Too Much at Christmas Time!

The silly season is ahead of us! While that means fun (or not so fun) family gatherings filled with turkey, casseroles, chocolates and cakes it can also be a  stressful time for many of us who are worried about the temptation of all that good food. 

Ways to Avoid Over Eating

1. Remember You're An Adult

man in shopping centre

With a credit card and a car who can go to the shops any time you want to buy a lot of these treats. Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean there is no other option other than to indulge!

2. Choose A Planned Exception 

roast christmas dinner

Goin to a dinner where you know the food is going to be good to pass up? choose ahead of time how much you'll have e.g. just one plateful of the best bits? Having a plan will help you not to get carried away and feel more in control. 

3. Snack Wisely empty box of chocolates

Keep healthy nibbles nearby such as grapes or crackers. Did someone gift you a box of chocolates? This might be controversial but we recommend throwing it away (not in front of them of course). You wouldn't drink a glass of poison just because someone gave it to you, right? 

4. Rely On Your Foundations & Stay Moderate

woman sleeping

Get plenty of sleep, exercise and social time during the silly season. Focussing on your foundations will keep you moderate and less likely to be stressed and make bad decisions.

On the same note, try not to crash diet or do anything (unless you're throwing away junk food!). Crash dieting can cause you to stack on the pounds in January! Not a great feeling. 

We hope these tips helped! Let us know if they did in the comments below. What do you do to avoid overeating during the holiday period?





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