6 Ways To Stop Your Beach Towel Colours Running

After a dip in the cool blue ocean, one of life's little treats is to wrap yourself in an effective, absorbent, warm, soft and cuddly beach towel - especially if it's one of the trendy and contemporary designs that you've picked from Manchester Madness.

But you also want your beach towel to keep performing at its best while looking as good as the day you bought it, use after use and wash after wash. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems with towel care and wear is the running of colours.

So what can you do to reduce this annoying risk so you can keep enjoying your comfortable and vibrant beach towels again and again?

1. Check For Quality

Running colours is quite often the result of having bought cheap towels that have used ineffective methods for applying prints and dyes. So do yourself a pre-purchase favour and buy from quality manufacturers like Manchester Madness, where even the brightest towels can be thrown into the wash without you needing to worry too much.

2. Inspect

If your towel is brand new and features very bright colours, it is only natural to expect some running of colours - at least on the initial wash. So look out for prints that use a lot of bold and dark colours such as bright reds, greens, blacks and blues and ensure you use a colour catching sheet in the wash with them.

3. Test

Worried about a particular towel? Test its colourfastness before you throw it in the machine by soaking it in a sink or tub of soapy water for an hour. If the water changes colour, you'll know that it needs some special attention.

4. Separate

If you have identified beach towels that are at greater risk of the colour running, consider separating them from your other washing. That's because while that initial wash won't really affect the towel, it could leave your other whites looking a dim shade of those bright towel colours!

5. Go Easy

Consider using one of your washing machine's gentler cycles for items that require just a bit more care. You can also consider hand-washing, or even taking towels that are bleeding colour really badly to the dry-cleaner, particularly if these are special or expensive towels you'd like to preserve.

6. Wash With Cold

While everyone used to wash with hot water, these days modern detergents are actually good at cleaning fabric well with cold water - this is great news because it's good for locking in those colours!

At Manchester Madness, we want to keep our customers' beach towels in the best condition possible. But if you have some top tips to stop colours running in the wash that we haven't covered here, why not share them with us?

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