7 Steps To a Perfectly Clean Beach Towel

So, it's been a great and busy summer day of surfing and sunbathing on the beach, and it's time to clean those beach towels. Easy, right? Throw them in the washing machine? Not quite. Why's that? It's a simple, but not so easy-to-solve answer: sand. Many people discover that, while beach towels are designed to be absorbent and super-soft on the skin, once they've had millions of grains of hard and wet sand all over them and embedded throughout, they're no longer the same.

Firstly, your valuable washing machine isn't designed to cope with huge amounts of sand. But not only that, if you put all that sand in the washing machine, guess what? There will still be traces of sand on your towels and everything else afterwards.

And we're not only talking about sand. The deeply embedded sand actually damages the towel's threads, making them look dirty and feel rough and stiff. So how do you solve the sandy towel fiasco and keep your towels as soft as new, even after a beach day?

1. Shake

Step 1 when properly washing beach towels is to give them a mighty shake. You want to be aiming to hear a vigorous 'snap' as you do the shaking motion, trying to get as much of that sand out as you can.


Why? Because dry sand is easier to remove than sticky, wet sand. Simply drape the wet towel out in the sun.

3. Shake Again

Now that it's dry, shaking the beach towel vigorously again will release even more of that previously-embedded wet sand that is now dry and loose.

4. Vacuum

You might not want to do this every time, but it really works - pull out the vacuum cleaner or, at the very least, a smaller, handheld version. This will help to get out the deeply embedded sand.

5. Soak

Finally, before throwing it in the machine, fill up a basin with a nice, warm mix of water and soap and put the beach towel in. As you swirl it around, even more, sand will come out. You might even want to consider putting some vinegar in there.

6. Wash

Now you're ready to wash. Be sure to sort those towels by colour, consider not adding any other clothes to the machine, and be careful not to overload. You don't need to add fabric softener, because it can affect a towel's ability to absorb.

7. Dry - And Surf!

Hang your pristine beach towels out or put them in the dryer, put on your beachwear and grab your surfboard. You're ready for the beach again! While we're sure our guide is a sure way to keep your beach towels in great shape for many summers, you might have a tip or two of your own - so please let us know!

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