Bringing the Blues to your Bedroom in 2016

While blue is a naturally popular colour for any part of your home – bringing the wonderful impression of sun-drenched skies and warm seas from outside to in – nowhere is this truer than in your bedroom.

Hues Of Blue

Blue also provides a terrific match with so much else. As a perfect example, beds, wardrobes and other furnishings in a range of wonderful woods, such as oak, walnut and beech, work so well with a huge swatch of different shades of blue. Of course, blue is recognised as a cool colour (in more ways than one) and many people find that a shade of this colour on their walls and curtains makes their bedroom a more restful and relaxing place.

This doesn’t mean, however, that everything has to be muted. From the eye-catching zig zag to a more traditional Arabesque style patterning, your quilt cover set can be as lively as your walls may be quiet. Try our Ramesses Bamboo Cotton 400 Thread Count Quilt Cover Set, the palette has been designed to enhance but also blend in with the modern trends in bedroom decor.

Cool Tones For Cool Homes

If you feel your bedroom is enhanced by stylish, soft and snugly welcoming blankets, again blue is an excellent choice. Imagine the richest blue of luxurious Merino wool, or perhaps a stunning geometric design. For folk who like the crispness of white bedding, a throw rug or cushion offers a blue that surely both contrasts and enhances your main colour choice.

Blue has been used as a colour to enhance our lives from the earliest of times. Its place on the spectrum between violet and green allows a rich variety of shades. You might prefer the paler indigo or ultramarine at one end, the midway point of cyan, the blue-greens of turquoise and aquamarine or even inky blue-blacks. This presents a pleasing sight whenever you enter the room, like our Sheridan Baeck Quilt Cover Set. The lively texture of paint on canvas contrasts with the Zen-like stillness of the ivory background!

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Many folk also like to introduce the contrast of blue with yellow. Again this seems to catch the best of an outdoor world and allow it to bring a gentle warmth into the rooms of your home. Whatever your preference, choosing blue for your bedroom and other choices in 2016 will offer the chance for timeless style or the sharpest of modern choices.

You do wonder why ‘having the blues’ can be seen as a negative when the colour itself offers such a positive face to our world! Incidentally, we'd love to know what your favourite shade is and why... Browse our Quilt Cover Set range.

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