Choosing the best towel for your bathroom

Choosing the right towel set for your bathroom can be tough. But it need not be. With towels available in all different colours, styles, and cottons, finding the right towel for you can be a lot easier than you think.

When we step out of the shower or bath, most of us take for granted that the towel we are about to use will dry us in an instant. But this isn't always the case. An old towel can struggle to do the job right, and a towel that is always wet can be very frustrating, especially in the winter months. It is important to know what to look for when searching for new towels, as there are so many options available. So with these cooler months fast approaching, what better time to update your towel range than now?

Towel Sets

A bright towel set can be an easy way to brighten up your day. Not only do bright bath towels provide a vibrant splash of colour to any bathroom, but they are also great as they will not become as dirty as lighter coloured towels. This means you can get a lot more use out of them before you will need to replace your towel set.

Colour And Style

Along with the style and colour, choosing the type of cotton for your towels can also be important. Egyptian cotton is a great choice for towels. Not only is it super absorbent, but it also maintains its fluffy texture long after the first wash. A larger towel also means more absorbency as there is more surface area to soak up moisture, so it is important to keep size in mind when choosing the ideal towel.

An absorbent, reliable towel is something that every bathroom needs. Before we reach the cool winter months, why not update your towel set and homewares? It will make getting out of the shower on a winter's morning a whole lot easier.

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