Five reasons you NEED a mattress protector

Investing in a mattress protector is critical for protecting your mattress. A mattress is expensive, and mattress protector create a longer mattress life and a healthier night's sleep.

Here are the top five reasons you need a mattress protector:

1.keep your mattress Clean

While you're asleep in your bedroom, you shed dead skin cells, you sweat, you exude oil from your pores, and your bodily activities create many other potential sources for mattress damage. Once any of these substances get through your bed linen and into your mattress, it is almost impossible to get them out of your mattress.

2. Prevent Allergies

As well as dust, you have dust mites. As well as saliva, sweat, oils, urine and blood, you have bed bugs. Mattress protector seal in bed bugs, which can lie dormant without feeding for up to a year. Dust mites eat dead skin cells and cause sneezing, wheezing, shortness of breath and a runny nose. An anti-allergy mattress protector and clean sheets will ultimately eradicate this allergen.

3. Invest in your Investment

Just like a kitchen sponge, the more sweat and other liquids a mattress soaks up, the quicker it hardens and wears down. Even if only the smallest amount of moisture gets through your sheet set, this adds up over the years. Extend the life of your mattress with a waterproof mattress protector.

4. Protect The Warranty

Some mattresses are only protected by warranty when protected by a mattress protector. Stains are the evidence that a mattress protector has not been used.

5. Keep Your Mattress Looking Good

Sweat and skin oils soak through the Manchester, even if no other spills or accidents have occurred. Taking off a mattress protector to clean it is no hassle, and is far better than allowing awful stains to penetrate into your expensive mattress. Prevent stains and keep your bed healthy and looking good with a fitted mattress protector. You can also protect and keep your pillows fresh by purchasing pillow protectors

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