Get Your Home Ready for Autumn

Soft summer air, beautiful long days, and sunkissed skin are about to be phased out as summer finishes, but we’re not sad because Autumn is on its way! An incredibly beautiful season in its own right with damp earth and dried leaves, the season marks a new beginning for many. How can you start the new season off right? You only need to implement a few small touches to welcome the new season with a clean slate.

Decorative Touches

Even if you’re not interested in interior decorating there are still a few small changes you can make to mark uplift your spirits (remembering that a change can be as good as a holiday!).

Pull out your Autumn scented candles to feature quintessentially fall smells such as spiced pumpkin, amber, cinnamon, and rosemary.

Change your bedroom to reflect a cosier vibe. We think the Linen House Sanura Quilt Set meets the definition of a plush Autumn bedding beautifully. Even adding quintessentially Autumn flowers such as Daisies and Begonias to your kitchen table can be a simple, decorative statement.

Cosy Sheets

There’s a reason Autumn is always associated with cosy, earthiness. As the days get colder and shorter, we’re more inclined to wrap ourselves up in warm blankets and bedding to watch the leaves fall away. That’s why it’s so perfect to swap out your cooler light cotton and satin sheets with richly textured sheets and comforters.

For Autumn nights, we love these Kingdom percale sheet sets in the colours ‘chocolate’ and ‘linen’. The percale fabric structure provides a crisp yet soft finish that embodies Autumn cosiness.

Another great option for cooler nights is sateen. Silky against the skin but with a heavier drape, these sheets provide a warm hand and are perfect for snuggling down while leaving the window still open. Logan and Mason 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen flat sheets are a great option here.

Washing Weather

Contrary to what you might believe, only during Spring and Summer can you get away with washing your sheets once every fortnight. From a medical standpoint, come the cooler months, we strongly recommend you wash your sheets once a week! That’s to prevent the bacteria and germs you’re exposed to during the cold and flu season from making you sick.

Autumn Planting

If you have a garden and love to occasionally plant, now is the time to get out and plant bulbs such as tulips and daffodils for spring. If you have a vegetable garden, plant veggies from the brassica family now (such as pumpkins, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower) to see results come mid-to-late Autumn.

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