Getting the Luxury Hotel Look @ Manchester Madness

We all need a holiday, some of us could use two or even three. So why not create a holiday-esque feeling by incorporating parts of a holiday into our everyday life? In this blog, we show you how to create three luxurious hotel room looks to make you feel like you're waking up in a beautiful BnB every morning. Discover how to create a monochromatic look, a country-inn look and a luxe look - right at home.


Monochromatic looks are for those enticed by contrast and bold visuals. Create a monochrome ‘hotel’ room by using the Linen House Angelica White / Black Quilt Cover as a bedspread. Pair that with Dri Glo Australian Cotton towels in Charcoal and White. Hang a white velour bathrobe on the door of your en-suite, and put the icing on the cake with the exquisite Linen House Utah pillowcases to your bed. Viola! You have an instagrammable bedroom that’s striking in its monochrome glory.

Country Inn

If you prefer softer looks that transport you to another time and place - why not go for a country BnB theme? Pair the Linen House Lawson White Quilt Cover Set with the Logan & Mason Pillow Cases and Sheets in the colour ‘linen’. Add Dri Glo Australian Cotton Bath Sheets in aquamarine to your en-suite or nearby bathroom. Add to the neutral colours by wrapping a Linen House bed valance around the bed base (if you have a box set), and make the country look complete by throwing a Linen House cotton waffle blanket in Mint over a chair.

Don’t forget it gets cold on country nights! Or even just in winter generally ;) Add an electric blanket to your sheets so you can feel cozy as your country.

Luxe Luxury

Last but not least, the luxe luxury look is great because who doesn’t want a little luxury in their life? Have a luxurious night’s sleep by using a memory foam pillow and platinum Egyptian cotton sheets. Grab a Linen House Bed quilt cover set in Pembroke Silver and match that with the Dri Glo towel set in TeaRose. Keep your feet from getting cold in the bathroom by using a Bambury Micro Plush Giant Mat and keep it all silver by adding in a Lux Honeycomb Faux Fur Throw & Cushion

So there you have it. Makeover your bedroom to match a styled hotel room and feel the holiday glow every day. If you do take on any of these looks, please be sure to send us pics. We’ll repost it on our Facebook page.

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