Brand Spotlight: HICCUPS

Who Are They?

The Hiccups Kids line by Linen House is a brand providing unique and inspirational homewares. As a brand under the Linen House umbrella, they have the backing of an industry leader with over 20 years experience in the bedding and homewares industry. Linen House is an established business who have become well known and widely respected for their reputation in high-quality, fashionable and beautiful bedding design. The Hiccups Kids line produce products with all the ingredients for great customer satisfaction. As a global brand, their products set the standard for children’s quilt covers, featuring beautiful and relevant designs, gorgeous product ranges and using only high-quality materials.

Why We Love Them?

We love the inspirational Hiccups range of products for kids because the journey that their products provide. The fun, relevant and colourful designs of their quilt cover sets make them stand out compared to other, more generic or muted options in the market. The characterisations of their quilt cover sets embrace the creativity and individuality of both kids and their parents, allowing for personal expression in a child’s bedroom. If your child loves cowboys or fairies, dinosaurs or superheroes, you can be guaranteed to find something to suit your personal style. There is a huge range of price points for children’s bedding, however, unfortunately, these are often a reflection on the quality of the product. The Hiccups Kids brand offers excellent value for a product that you can feel confident is safe for your child and will last.

Our Favorite Products

| Baby :

Hiccups Bunny Patch Quilt Cover Set - $69.95


This gorgeous themed set features white hopping bunnies, strawberry patches, butterflies and green clovers. This field of dreams is perfect for your little one. Feel relaxed knowing your child is sleeping in one hundred percent cotton!

| Girl:

Hiccups Fairy Dress Up Quilt Cover Set - $59.95

Includes: 1x Quilt Cover | 1x Pillow Case

Who can remember a childhood without a pair of fairy wings? This fairy design is just adorable, featuring many different fairy characters. Let your little girl go to sleep with over a dozen new best fairy friends.

| Boy :

Hiccups Retro Dino Single Bed Quilt Cover Set - $59.95

Includes: 1x Quilt Cover Set | 1x Pillow Case

Your son’s NBF (new best friend)! Watch as your child explores the prehistoric world with a terranasauraus rex or a triceratops. This quilt cover set will capture the imagination of the little boy who loves adventure, animals and exploration.

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