How to: Choose Summer Bedding

Logan and Mason Mint Quilt Cover Set

The sun is well and truly out, bringing with it the gloriously long days, filled with sunshine and good vibes. Yet for the gloriously warm days that summer brings, nights can quickly turn into a hot, sweaty and restless mess. Sleeping with the right bed linen for summer can help keep you cool during the long, hot summer nights and help regulate your sleeping.

Here are the MM hot tips to consider when buying bed linen for the warmer months:

Natural Vs. Synthetic

Quilt covers made with natural fibres are more breathable than their synthetic counterparts. Natural materials such as cotton or linen are light and will keep you feeling fresher throughout the night as they encourage ventilation. For your best bet in summer bedding, opt for quilt covers made from natural fibres.

Cotton Linens And Linen Linens

Cotton or cotton blends such as Sateen, percale and jersey are a very popular choice as the ideal summer bedding fabric. Quilt covers made from cotton are generally, priced reasonably and are comfortable to sleep in. We typically wash our linens more often during the warmer months and cotton is very durable for frequent washing. Linens are also recommended for summer as they are extremely light and breezy for summer. The only downside with linen linens is that they can crinkle and wrinkle very easily which makes it a slightly more high maintenance option for all the crease haters.

Thread Counts: Is Higher Necessarily Better?

The assumption goes that higher thread counts are inherently better or more luxurious sheet sets. For the summer months, higher thread counts, however, are not usually your best option. Linen with high thread counts reduce the breathability of the fabric you're sleeping in meaning that heat gets trapped and you stay warmer! Instead of using 'bigger is better' when choosing your summer bedding, opt for a middle of the range thread count - around the 300-400 mark.

Light Is Just Right

Lighter coloured sheets and quilt cover sets tend to stay cooler as they reflect any sunlight that pours into your room during the day. Darker colour sheet sets will absorb and trap the heat from any light throughout the day. If you like getting into cool, crisp sheets at the end of a long hot day, opt for lighter and more natural colours such as whites and beiges.

The added benefit of lighter sheets is that they are easy to clean and remove stains from. Bleaching your sheets is a great way to keep them pearly, hotel white and stain free, an added bonus if you have kids who may or may not be known for causing a few spills in the bedroom. Give your styling sensibilities some freedom, and a chance to be bright, playful and full of joy. Compliment your light linens with accent pillows, textured throws to drape over the end of your bed to create the perfect vibe in your bedroom.


Are you the type who wakes up in the morning with your doona on the floor after a night of suffocatingly hot sleep? It's likely the doona your using is just too hot and heavy for you during the warmer months. Consider using two sets of linen throughout the year, one for the warmer months and another for the cooler months. Microfibre doona's and Cotton Quilts are the best options to put on your bed when choosing your summer doona as they are lighter than traditional down quilts. Changing over your bed linens in summer can really make the difference between a hot, heavy night of restless doona maneuvering and a light, breezy and peaceful rest.

Baby Bedding

Baby's are not able to regulate their own temperature so it is especially important to choose the right bed linen for summer to keep your bub cool. When choosing the right summer bed linen for your bub, look for light layers and breathable fabrics such as cottons or wools. Products made from natural fibres are ideal as they are more breathable, help wick away sweat and encourage natural ventilation.

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