How To Get A Good Night's Sleep This Winter

Find yourself waking up cold at 3 am or having weird dreams? Many people find their sleep disturbed during winter due to any number of lifestyle changes. Want to know how to solve poor winter time sleep? Here's a quick guide to getting more zzz's and surviving the winter chills.

Choose The Right Bedding

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It might seem a bit obvious, but if you have too many layers or not enough it can make for an uncomfortable sleeping experience. 

We recommend pairing one high warmth doona or quilt with a sheet set and preferably selecting both in natural fibres such as wool, 100% cotton, or bamboo. By selecting a high warmth, natural fibre quilt you allow for thermo-regulation and prevent the need for additional layers that can become uncomfortable. 

Keep On Exercising

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People often have trouble sleeping in winter because they drastically reduce the amount of physical activity they achieve throughout the day. Find ways to make exercise appealing in winter - whether it's buddying up with a friend, getting warmer workout gear or choosing a new gym that's right next door.

Try Not To Overeat

On a similar note, eating too much during the day and especially right before you go to bed can cause stomach discomfort, heartburn and studies show ultimately weight gain causes issues with sleep quality.  

Consider Vitamin D

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Either by getting outdoors for an extra 15 minutes each day or taking a supplement. Vitamin D similarly has been shown to affect your sleep routine - if you're not getting enough of it your melatonin levels are affected.

Ideally, try to get in the sun in the morning to make up for the lower-light levels you have to wake up each morning.  

Keep Warm But Don't Overheat Your Room  

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Ideally, warm yourself up before bed with warmer clothes, a warm shower or even an electric blanket - so your body is warm getting into bed and you don't overheat later on. 

However, don't heat up your room. Studies show colder temperatures are conducive to a deep nights sleep since the body’s internal temperature drops as it prepares for slumber.  

Did these tips help? Let us know in the comments below. For high-quality winter bedding - discover our winter range of quilts, quilt covers and sheet sets.


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