How To: Give Your Bedroom a Spring Makeover

Spring season evokes the image of a colourful, vibrant and fresh environment. How about generating that ambience in your bedroom this spring? A makeover doesn’t necessarily mean you have to completely renovate your bedroom structure or buy new furniture. All that is needed is to recharge your bedroom with some dash of bright colours. The recipe for a spring makeover is simple and can be executed without being a major ordeal.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients needed to give your bedroom a spring makeover:

Change The Bedroom Lighting

Throw a warm glow into the whole room by changing the lighting. Red, orange, yellow lamp shades will deliver a soothing ambience to the room and bring in an element of much comfort and coziness. Adding candles to your bedroom are also a way to bring light and fresh scents into your space without making major decor changes. Opt for scented candles such as cedarwood or Lavender to give your space that extra Spring scent.

Introduce Attractive Colors

Spring season is all about bright colours and in order to bring the colours of your bedroom alive, let’s introduce pastel pinks, lilacs, yellows, blues, bring orange, light green etc,. This can be done by changing your cushion covers, curtains, beddings, pillowcases and the like. The fresh splash of colours here and there will give your bedroom a bubbly look just like the bubbling spring season.

Style It Up With Striking Pattern

Render sophistication to your bedroom by styling it up with beddings, cushion covers, curtains, and pillow covers of contemporary patterns. Strong lines, abstract and geometric shapes, zigzags or linear designs, botanical prints, splashy floral patterns in colourful combination will drastically bring a positive vibe to your bedroom.

Decor The Room with Flowers

Pink & White Flowers

Spring is synonymous with flowers and nothing can deliver the freshness of the spring season to your room than a vase full of fresh flowers. If you cannot afford fresh flowers on a daily basis, you can consider going for the artificial ones. After all, it is about lending vibrancy to the room and makes it look more cheerful and colourful.

Do not be afraid to experiment. Feel free to explore with contrasting colours, textures and fabrics to deliver a fascinating look. Rely on your intuition to make your bedroom reflect the style that speaks of ultimate comfort. It is all about refreshing your bedroom and endowing it with a spring mood. So are you ready to shed out of your winter coat and embrace the spirit of the spring?

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