How To Layer Textures This Winter

Winter is all about textures and contrast, a palette of lights and darks to reflect the low sun in the sky and shorter days. With these stark colour combinations comes the need for texture and the feel of natural materials. If you're craving an infusion of layered cosiness in the home, here's how.

Play With Different Materials

 different textured materials

Mix and match flax linen, Mongolian wool, and rough-hewn hemp to create beautiful visual interest. Layer your bedding, rugs, and home decor with natural materials for a dynamic space.

Use Vignettes of Three

three pillows on a bed

Whether it's cushions, layered rugs or even bed linen, mixing textures in a vignette of three is a classic but beautiful way to style textures together. 

Choose A Colour Palette

blue and white bed linen  

Choose your textures with a set colour palette in mind. Neutral cream colours and greys create a bleached wintery look. Alternatively, use a thematic colour such as a dark blue or light pink to accent and tie in a colour theme.

Display Textural Objects

textured objects in a room

Moving away from the bed, consider textured objects round the room. A sheepskin the rug, macrame wall hanging, or even a plush velvet armchair can all add a layering effect for a cosy, textured space.

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