How To Make A Bedroom Look 10X Bigger

Feeling like your bedroom always looks cluttered? It might be time to look at how you're using your bedroom space and what you can do to make it more spacious. 

1. Declutter

marie kondo

You can't make your space feel bigger if you know the closets are close to crammed! Study Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (or read our How To Marie Kondo blog). Go through the closets and draws to see if there's anything to be gotten rid of. 

2. Create Hidden Storage

storage ottoman

Once you've gotten rid of clutter, prevent it from returning by looking at small space storage options. Think concealing ottomans and benches, over-the-door hooks, and pots for the window seal. 

3. Consider Scale 

linen house quilt cover set

The bigger the furniture, the smaller your space! So consider if you need to get rid of an armchair or even downsize your king bed to a queen. 

4. Mirrors

mirrors in a bedroom

Image: Remodelista 

Now you've taken stuff out of your bedroom it's time to replace them with options that will enhance the space. Mirrors are a great place to start. Mirrors and reflective metal surfaces such as brass, glass and chrome bounce around the light beautifully making the space feel lighter and airy.  

5. Colours

linen house quilt cover

On a similar note, you can make a place feel bright and airy with lighter colours such as whites, blues and pastels. Take our for example a great way to introduce a fluffy brighter note to the room. 

 6. What's On the Walls?

lots of paintings on wall

Image: Architectural Digest

Do you have a massive painting or lots of plants covering every inch of space? While both are great for decorating, an oversized painting or too much greenery can contribute to why you feel the place is too small. Downsize to just a few quality centrepieces for a visually organised, less chaotic space.  

Did our tips help? Comment below if they did! If you actually went ahead and reorganised because of this article, send us a pic and we'll repost on our socials. 




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