HOW TO: Style Your Bedroom For Autumn

It’s officially the end of summer and we’re getting into the cooler months of the year. We think Autumn is the perfect time to transition your bedroom from the vibrant, bright colours of summer to more cozy and relaxing tones this autumn. If you’re ready to refresh, rejuvenate and redesign your bedroom to suit the incoming drop in temperatures, check out our Autumn quilt cover set inspiration and style guide and get your dreams on their way today. No matter what your taste and style, we have the neutrals, the pastels and the bold colours of Autumn to suit your decorating needs at prices you can afford. Make your Autumn a little bit sunnier with our range of quilt cover sets today.

Autumn is the perfect time of year to get your creative juices flowing, your mood boards out of the study and your hands a little dirty with some retail therapy to overcome those end of summer blues. This Autumn MM can help you focus your energy and intention on creating the perfect Autumn living spaces for you and your family.

The days are getting shorter and the weather is starting to turn chilli so changing the colours of our bedroom can be the opportunity we need to create a little more cosiness and warmth to counterbalance the doom and gloom that sits waiting for us outside.


If the natural neutrals aren’t quite your style then you might want to check out the new Autumn interior design trend which is loving pastels. The softness of pastels help create a soothing and relaxing space in your bedroom with touches of colour and contrast. We suggest pairing your pastels with a neutrally coloured throw, to balance out the cool tones and create subtle texture and layers to your bed space.

Alex Perry Mykonos Marina Quilt Cover Set

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Color Me Autumn:

If you’re a colour lover and you live by ‘bold is better’ then consider using the traditional Autumn colour palette of burgundy reds, plum purples, burnt oranges, chocolate browns, forest greens and mustard yellows. These colours evoke the autumn colour palette, are warming and create a snug feeling for your bedroom. These colours lend themselves to a rustic style and look great with metallic bronze and copper furnishings.

Bambury Campbell Quilt Cover Set

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Natural Neutrals:

For some, a bedroom is a tranquil place of quiet solitude, reflection and relaxation. A sanctuary, the bedroom becomes your place to unwind and feel restful. If this is your style, then we recommend going for the softer, more neutral colours of Autumn such as taupe, caramels, beige and linens. If you’re a die-hard white bed linen enthusiast, consider adding a touch of colour to your bed linen. Neutral tones create a softness, warmth and cosiness in your bedroom without compromising on the elegance and streamlined feel of white on white on white.

Turn your bedroom into an Autumn retreat with our range of neutral bed linens:

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Mixing up your sheet and doona sets will also add layers of colour and texture to your bedroom. Using white sheets can be a great contrast against darker colours such as chocolatey browns and rich oranges. Layering from light to dark adds depth and a lively element to the bedroom, even if all the colours are neutral.


There is just something about throws; the way they are casually or messily draped across the end of the bed, the way they add that extra layer of warmth and weight for your feet in cooler months or perhaps it’s the way they add colour and texture to tie a room together in a way you didn’t think of, I just love them.
Throws are the ultimate autumn accessory, accounting for the cooler months and adding a layer of texture to your bedroom. Use a throw that will counterbalance your quilt cover sets and offset your colour scheme to create texture and add a pop to your bedroom. When accessorising with a throw, don’t be too matchy-matchy, try using a colour and texture that will complement your awesome new quilt cover sets without clashing or conforming too much.

Bambury Ebony Faux Fur Large Throw

Bambury Wembley Waffle Throw Rug

Like throws, pillows are a great and cost-effective way to change up your bedroom styling. The right colour and size cushion or pillow can add layers to your bedroom and colour in specific areas of the bedroom and can turn your autumn style into awesome style. Whether you like neutrals or colours, use your pillows to offset and balance your existing colour scheme and consider the size, colour palette and positioning of the pillow for the ultimate in accessorising.

Linen House Lifestyle Braque Pillowcase

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Like the leaves of Autumn, let’s shed the bed linen of summer and prepare ourselves with great, gorgeous and competitively priced quilt cover sets from all your favourite brands.

Shop the MM range of quilt cover sets today.

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