Orange Really is the New Black

The shade of zesty fruit, of warm summer sunsets, of vibrancy and vim; orange is a gorgeous zingy colour that is sure to add a cheerful energy to your home.

Orange is a colour that can brighten up any room in the house. It's also a colour that is as versatile as it is vibrant. Add a splash of this bright tone to your bedroom with an orange sheet set, throw rug or cushion. You'll be surprised at how this warm hue can put a spring in your step and add a vivacious effect to your room.

Go Geometric With Orange

Orange is a mix of the passionate tones of red and the cheeriness of yellow. It really is an instant uplift when you look at it, and it's so powerful that even a little orange can have a big effect. Try a sheet set with a geometric slice of orange to see for yourself. Orange is also an awesome colour to choose for a feature wall like this room design for our Hiccups Sanejo Orange Single Bed Quilt Cover Set. The pop of colour balanced by white emphasises the warm tones of orange.

A Housework Orange

We also love a little orange in our towels. Bathrooms are often very plain and heavy on the white tones. Adding an orange towel set like the Jenny Mclean Royal Excellency Set will make the room feel all the more inviting. Orange is also the perfect tone for a beach towel. A stripe of orange looks simply fantastic against the white sand and blue sky of a day at the beach.

Have you ever noticed that restaurants tend to go heavy on orange tones? Peach, apricot and deeper terracotta shades of orange are popular in the kitchen, as this colour invites openness, talk and sociability.

Trend Setting With Orange

Orange is set to make a mark in 2016. Tipped to be the latest colour trend favoured by savvy interior designers, we think it's the perfect colour to ring in the new year. Positive, optimistic and uplifting - that's what we want for ourselves this year!

Have you made orange work in your home? Tell us about it! We always love hearing from our customers. We know you're a talented bunch when it comes to your interior design concepts, so go ahead and share your stories of decorating with orange!

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