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Blink and you missed it: Winter disappeared far out of sight and the hot, sunny days of Spring we were only experiencing in our daydreams become a reality all in an instant! What to expect? The usual of course! Sunshine, bronzed skin, blossoming flowers and beautiful long sunsets ahead. But while we may already be mentally preparing for long days on the beach followed by refreshing sundowners, it can be easy to forget to update the aesthetic appeal of our bedrooms, which can often result in being left with colours, textures and designs that ultimately trap you in the icier (and frankly, duller) months of Winter.

So, in honour of the new season, the Manchester Madness team has handpicked a Spring collection for those inspired by this time of renewal. Discover stunning selections from Linen House and Logan and Mason, for perfect seasonal transitions to spruce up your home with.


Inspired by still-life Dutch paintings and centuries-old botanical art, Ellaria by Linen House features a modern take on old world florals. A scene-stealing seasonal favourite, the spread is a re-imagination of quintessentially classical textiles and is also the perfect choice for the romantic aspiring to reinvention.

The perfect complement to classical and contemporary interior spaces alike, Ellaria is the perfect spread to bring the serenity and tranquillity of the changing outdoors, in.


Designed in collaboration with stylist extraordinaire Alex Perry, Rumi is the perfect complement to the sunny weather with its kaleidoscope of striking bold, evergreen patterns and colours. Evoking the idyllic setting of a Caribbean beach villa, this lively look, although the complete opposite of soft pastels and delicate patterns, still effortlessly embodies the season’s life and vivacity through dramatic vibrancy. Contrasting colours of teal, white, black and dark green are finished with a satin stitch border that features tailored graphic reverse print. It’s this attention to detail and contrast that is truly something to behold. Try combining the Rumi quilt cover with Khao cushions in a light, airy and spacious room for maximum vacation effect.

Georgia Dove

All about outstanding embroidery with simply tailored finishes and delicate colour schemes, Georgia Dove portrays a subtle and relaxed vision of springtime by featuring delicately embroidered trees in full bloom.

A white background is juxtaposed with neutral tones of charcoal and white for understated elegance. Meanwhile, delicate designs are complemented and embellished with light and dark silver faux silk panels. A tailored, stylish and luxurious look - Georgia Dove is sure to bring a perfect night’s sleep.


Alex Perry flawlessly recreates a 70s bohemian look to absolute perfection with Bazaar.

The bedspread’s paisley patterns in muted greens, golds, teals and blues embody seventies style, while the finished, well executed inner patterns, material and detailing give modern-day festival vibes.

A fun, cheerful way to start the new season, if you want to add colour vibrancy and playfulness to your bedroom for spring, Bazaar’s vibrant inner patterns lend a warm and welcoming atmosphere to any room.

Interested in updating your bedroom with any of the above quilt cover sets? Simply want to see more of the exquisite quilt cover sets on Manchester Madness’s site? Head over and browse the Spring Collection at Manchester Madness to be inspired.

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