Our Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The science is in. A survey has found on Valentine’s day, Aussie women expect their partners to spend on average $98 on flowers, chocolates and a card, while men expect $94 to be spent on a card, chocolates and alcohol.

Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if someone took the time to do something special on the day of love? Is there a better way than cheap teddy bears and balloons? You bet there is! Check out our Valentine’s day gift guide below to find a new and unique way to say ‘I love you’ on February 14.

Opium Red Quilt Cover For Two

Nothing spells romance like a bed full of roses! Surprise your spouse this Valentine’s day with the Logan & Mason Opium Red Quilt Cover Set. The set features a stunning floral abstract, large in scale with a hand painted feel. When your S.O comes home from a long day, it’s sure to get hearts racing!

Romantic Forest Mist Gift Set

Have you ever had a get-away up in the mountains? If not, would you like to? The Cognac Forest Mist gift set takes you there, with aromas of cognac and rainforest. The home fragrance set comes with a scented soy candle and room spray. It’s the perfect way to be transported to a romantic place, all while remaining in the cosy comfort of your own home.

Luxury Bath Robe Gift Box

Trust us, there is no better way to get into a girl’s heart than by organising a luxurious bubble bath! What better way to pamper her than by presenting the Sheridan Ultralight Luxury Bath Robe. Elegantly wrapped in a gift box that truly makes the experience indulgent, the robe features air twist technology, soft, quick-dry fabric, and comes in charcoal as well as terry white – in case you want two robes for Valentine’s day ;)

Metallic Soy Candle Set

The Season Edition Metallic Soy Candle provides a wonderful aromatherapy gift for your partner and comes in three uplifting scents:

Rose Gold: Soothing Scent - (grapefruit, chamomile & tamarind)

Silver Blue: Snow Queen - (lemon, apple & peony)

Gold: Blooming Brocade - (jasmine, sandalwood & orange)

If your S.O. loves new and exciting scents, this gift will sure win his or her heart. All three candles lit up at night is also a fantastic way to create a romantic setting.

Which gift do you think your loved one will love? Check out our full range of quilts, covers, décor and accessories to discover more. If you apply the offer code ‘Lovemm’ you get a 10% discount up till February 14 ;)

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