The Benefits of Bath Time

For some reason, probably because of the weather, every winter at Manchester Madness HQ, we find our skin gets dry, our bones start to creak, and random aches and pains occur all over. What can be done to heal all these minor injuries? Why, take a luxurious, self-indulgent bath of course! It’s easy, therapeutic and restorative. We’ll even show you how if you read on. How to

Have A Healing Hour:


First, you’ve got to accessorise! Just cause it’s a bath doesn’t mean you can’t bring it out. Keep your hair protected (who washes their hair in the bath anyway?) with one of Manchester’s colourful hair wraps. Consider the Bambury Microfibre or the Bambury Printed Microfibre Ali Wrap.

Bathrobe Prep

Nothing’s worse than getting out of a relaxing, therapeutic bath, only to realise you have to nudie run to the towel closet down the hall. Hang up a soft and fluffy towel next to your bath such as the Ramesses Bath Towel or better yet, a luxurious bathrobe, such as the Elegant Microfibre Robe, to avoid disaster.

Lay Down A Mat

On a similar note, if you’ve ever experienced your feet burning from the shock of the hot water or cool tile, you know you’ll want to lay down a mat on the floor to protect your poor toes! Try the Bambury Microplush Giant Bathmat to help out with this issue.


Your bubble bath is running, now’s the time to pull out some aromatherapy candles and truly feel indulgent. Did you know certain scents such as lavender, lemon, chamomile and jasmine can relieve stress and anxiety? Our Season Edition Metallic Soy Candles contain just those scents. So get lighting and fill up the bathroom with relaxing aromas. 

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