The Best Father's Day Gifts, According To Science

Father's Day is almost here, Sept 1st for anyone unsure. When thinking about what to buy dad for Dad's day, you can choose a DIY gift or even a store-bought gift, but if you really want to make him happy, consider buying him an experience. That's the best gift option according to San Francisco's University's latest study.

Stuck on what kind of 'experiences' to buy? Here are a few suggestions from our team. 

Game Day

For many dad's nothing beats a day (or night) out on the field, court or stands. Does he have a favourite team? Consider buying him some novelty sports merch to go along with the tickets to the next Rooster's session. 

Relax-Max Time sean connery taking a bath

If your dad deserves some much needed time off, think about buying him some luxury. Pair a Sheridan Ultra-Light Luxury bathrobe with bath-time candles - dad's need pampering and care-packages too!  

Beach Trip


The weather's getting warmer and soon is going to be beach days ahead. The perfect opportunity for the whole family to relax in the sun. Consider planning a day out on Sept 1 and/or gift dad with a warm fuzzy beach towel to symbolise beach days ahead.

Movie Night

will ferrel enjoying a movie night in daddy's homeNowadays you don't even have to buy a DVD. Use Google Play or YouTube to rent your favourite movies and bring out the popcorn. Every dad is different, but we feel you can't go past classics such as Big Daddy, Daddy's Home, or on a more serious note, The Pursuit of Happiness - all movies to bring home the theme #dadsmatter. 

What do you plan on buying dad for Father's Day ahead? Let us know if we helped change your mind from 'socks' to 'soccer'. To all the dads out there - we hope you have fun on your special day.


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