The Top Interior Design Trends for Spring

Each season carries its own sense of style and new ideas; whether it is for fashion, interiors, for accessories. As spring beckons us and lures us from the winter cocoon, its time we get in touch with the interior design trends that are already in vogue. Wake up this spring into a sea of lavishly designed interiors that are a blend of modern warmth and timeless elegance. Find out what’s hot for this spring today.

Cool And Warm Colors

Deep yellow, dusty pinks, soft green, cool grey, feminine lavender, soothing orange, sky-blue are the colours of the moment, of the beautiful spring season. Copper is emerging as a major trend and olive greens are also making a dramatic comeback. Learn the art of adding colour to your interiors this spring season. You can bring in a contrasting tone by placing colourful cushions or a throw on a sofa of dark grey, black or even white. The pastel shades are an amazing way of lending an air of subtlety and softness to the rooms. They are great at rendering a surprise visual punch to your existing furniture.

Geometric And Elaborate Patterns

Perk up your worn-out rooms, with carpets, beddings, curtains, homewares, cushions or even wall hangings of bright elaborate geometric patterns. They are said to make a bold statement and give a new lease of life to your rooms. Merge the crisp geometric or linear patterns with sumptuous softness, and add a level of sophistication to the interiors.

Less Is More

Cut down on the clutter and give a new edge to your interiors by decorating it with simple furniture, accessories and artworks. Spring is a perfect time to indulge in a cleaning spree and clear out those things which are lay unused. As the old saying goes, less is more – get rid of the clutter and keep your space calm. Redefining your interiors by removing the clutter and restoring the simplicity will help give your space that fresh spring feeling.


Wallpaper is back in! A wallpaper of bold designs, 3D effects or eye-popping colours can help your room radiate the right attitude. Bring the beauty of Spring to your home and reflect the spirit of the season with striking wallpapers. Colours or patterns will instantly add the “wow” factor to your space. Be bold in spring and transform your interiors.

Add Zing To Your Accessories

A swift way to spring up your wintry interiors is to buy accessories that can radically add depth to your interiors. You can buy new lamp shades to bring in a dramatic and elegant look. A large woven raffia basket, a milky white bowl, colourful and lively folk patterned pottery can give a major twist to your interior. A floral design flower vase with artificial or real flowers can also add an aesthetic appeal and bring in the spring mood in all its richness.

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Spring is the perfect time to explore with interactive design features and innovative ideas. Are you ready to welcome the spirit of the spring season?

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