The ultimate guide to buying the best sheet sets

Thread count is the measure of the quality of sheet sets and linen, we all know that, right? But what does thread count actually mean, and what does it measure? We spend a third of our lives between the sheets, so here is our ultimate guide to buying the best sheet sets.

1. Thread Count

Thread count is the number of threads woven per square inch of fabric. It is commonly used as a quality descriptor for bed linen. Extra threads can be sewn into the sheet for a higher thread count. This makes the thread count high without actually increasing the quality. Most thread mills can't weave more than 500 - 600 thread count, so there are other factors that become equally or even more important when selecting Manchester.

2. Type Of Cotton

The best cotton is grown in Egypt, which is why Egyptian cotton sheets are often more expensive. Look for 100% Egyptian cotton. Organic cotton, Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton are all good choices that will help you breathe at night. Cotton is soft, durable and breathable, allowing you to sleep better and creating a more hygienic sheet set. Our Logan & Mason Platinum 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Fitted Sheet is one of our most popular Egyptian cotton sheet sets. 

3. Weave

You can go for either a cotton satin or a cotton percale. The percale is a type of weave that is dense and is less likely to pill or wear down. If you like the feel of a shirt, go for a 200 thread count percale. But if you want it a bit silkier, go for a 300 - 600 cotton satin. Also, if you like your sheets to be light, you want to get a lower thread count.

There you have it. The thread count alone isn't the most important tool to use when buying your bed linen. Don't let the number rule your bedroom, choose according to your tastes.

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