Transform Your Bathroom Into Your Own Beautiful Day Spa

Giving your home a makeover can be extremely challenging. For some, it's about striking a perfect balance between contemporary and classic; for others, the interior design of their home has a large personal element and is a reflection of who they are as an individual. Taking this into account, it is easy for one to focus all their attention on the larger living areas of their home at the expense of their bathroom. At Manchester Madness, however, we believe your bathroom has the potential to become your own personal sanctuary: your 'happy place', if we may. With just a few simple bathroom accessories and additions, you can transform your bathroom from an architectural afterthought into a relaxing space reminiscent of a beautiful day spa and also transform it into an area you love being in.


What better way to add a dash of colour to your bathroom than with fresh, colourful towels and bath mats? They not only have that lovely "new" feeling but will give your bathroom an instant pick-me-up. Safe, neutral tones are often used to add a touch of elegance and sophistication but also splash out on a matching bathmat, hand towel, face washer and towel set that brings a pop of colour to any dull space. Yellow, teal or lilac are all bright colours that will be a focal point of your bathroom space.

A soft bathrobe is like a warm hug on a cold Winter's day. Buy an inexpensive over-the-door or adhesive hook and keep your much-loved robe hung up on the back of your bathroom door for easy access when you step out of a hot shower on a chilly morning. A microfibre hair wrap is another great accessory to hang here too - it will dry your hair quickly without the added need for heated hair appliances, and keeps your head warm while you enjoy your morning coffee.


Candles are another beautiful accessory to be included in any bathroom. Choose simple scents for a small space - vanilla is a firm favourite - and place them around your bath or on the windowsill. Sink back into your warm bath and let your worries soak away by candlelight.

Purchasing bathroom accessories can be just as enjoyable a process as shopping for homewares for any other part of your home, such as your bedroom. With a few easy tweaks, you can turn a basic bathroom into a serene getaway.

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