Winter Essentials For Your Home

Snuggle up this winter with these winter essentials. Make the transition from hot to cold smoothly by preparing with these winter warmers for your home.

Puradown 80% Goose Down Goose Feather (2 in 1) Quilt - $259.95

Puradown Goose Down Goose Feather

You don’t have to shiver and shake to build warmth at night with this Puradown 2 in 1 quilt as a well-designed transitional winter essential. The easy ‘click’ together design allows you to double up for winter warmth and simply un-click for warmer months. It comes in a cardboard box with handles for easy pack-down.

Kingdom Fitted Electric Blanket - $55

If you hate that feeling of getting into ice-cold sheets on a winter night, you don’t need to go any further than the Kingdom Fitted Electric Blanket. This winter essential sports an intelligent 10-hour cut-off safety switch for overheat protection and a 7-step heat setting so that you don’t over-heat during the night. Push the switch 10 minutes before bedtime and you can be sure to jump into a pleasantly warm bed.

Hilton Luxury Mattress Topper - $89.95

The Hilton Luxury Mattress Topper is soft like a warm hug. Made from 300-thread count soft-brushed cotton, this is a great value for money winter essential. The memory resistant fibres conform to your body for a soft, cozy and supportive night sleep.

Kingtex Bath Robe - $49.95

Nothing says winter warmth like a bathrobe. Jump out the shower and wrap yourself in this comforting, warm and cozy winter essential. Made out of 100% combed cotton, the Kingtex Bath Robe will feel like a warm hug on a cold day and feels like the essence of luxury. Best worn with a cup of hot tea and a biscuit.

Rans Metro 2pc Bath Mat Set - $19.95

Bathroom floor tiles are THE obstacle to being warm in winter. A midnight trip to the bathroom can send you to freezing in a matter of seconds. The Rans Metro 2pc Bath Mat set is a winter essential to end the rein of bathroom tiles and keep your feet warm this winter.

Bambury Microfibre Hair Wrap - $8.50

If you dread washing your hair in winter because it’s just too cold, then the Bambury Microfibre Hair Wrap is your winter essential. Step out the shower, put your hair straight up and let it dry without keeping you cold the rest of the day.

Lux faux fur throw - $37.50Lux Faux Fur Throw

Snuggle up on the couch or add it to your bed, the Lux faux fur throws are the ultimate winter essential. Tuck yourself in with these gorgeous, warm throws whilst watching a movie or reading a book and become enveloped by the warmth. In a range of different patterns and designs, these throws are stylish and practical for winter.

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