Winter Warmers 101: Delicious Gluhwein

In the mountains of Scandinavia around Christmas time (their winter), dinner parties are held where guests are served winter warmer treats including delicious and spicy ‘gluhwein’. You may otherwise know it as ‘mulled wine’. This delicious, nourishing wine is also a family favourite amongst the Stanwells, and it's something I grew up enjoying during those frosty Winter nights (from age 18 and onwards ONLY, of course ;) ) 

While we’re approaching spring and it’s slowly but surely warming up during the day, the evenings in Sydney are still chilly, to say the least! If you’re looking for a warm and satisfying drink to heartily ward off the winter blues, we recommend delicious, sweet-savoury gluhwein. It’s the perfect addition for dinner parties or for nights when you’re simply in the mood for curling up with a blanket at home.

Hot And Spicy Gluhwein


750ml bottle of red wine

¾ cup of sugar

A cinnamon stick

1 orange

10 whole cloves


In a saucepan combine water, sugar, and cinnamon stick and bring it to the boil. After the boiling point is reached, reduce heat and let it simmer.

Meanwhile, cut the orange in half and squeeze the juice into a simmering saucepan.

Push ten cloves through the remaining orange peel.

Continue to simmer the mixture for 30 mins until it is thick and syrupy.

Finally, pour in wine and bring the heat to where the liquid is steaming (not simmering).


Remove the orange halves plus any cloves and serve your gluhwein into ceramic, earthenware bowls (cold glasses could break with the sudden heat).

Decorate the cups with slices of orange or apple if you wish. It’s the perfect aperitif or digestif for a warm, cosy, rustic evening that practices the Scandinavian principle of ‘hygge’ - family and community gathered round intimate cozy spaces, filled with warmth and creature comforts.

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