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Kids and babies need to be stimulated with suitable bedroom decor. After all, colours, textures and patterns are important to every child and baby's stage of learning development. Browse our kids bedroom decor range today. Here you can find everything from kids bedding and quilt covers for baby cots and colourfully designed towels and rugs that match. Nurse your child's creativity with our kids and baby bedroom decor.

Any new mum wants to give their child the best that life has to offer. A hugely transitional time for any new family, we make sure that any new bub can be well taken care of with safe, premium products that meet industry standards, can improve the quality of your new bubs life and don’t cost a fortune.

The sudden financial impact of having children can be daunting. At Manchester Madness we have made it our mission to ensure that every child can be dressed, taken care of and looked after to the highest standards of safety and cuteness without the huge financial burden.

We have over 20 years experience working with some of the biggest brands in the industry such as Bubba Blue, Aden & Anais, Jiggle & Giggle and Hiccups. These trusted Australian brands create beautiful, unique and high-end products and we create beautiful price tags to go along with it.

We can help you fit-out your baby bedroom and baby style wardrobe with a gorgeous selection of accessories & decor, baby blankets, gift packs, wraps, quilt cover sets, cot sheets and sets, towels, face washers, quilts, bumpers, bunny rugs, pillows, change pad covers, comforter sets, sleeping bags or beach towels.

Below, we've listed some key considerations for you, when shopping for your child.

Girls and Boys

We understand that every child has a unique personality and characteristics which set them apart. We know that every new mother wants to protect, nourish, nurture and enrich the life of their child and we know that dream does not have to be an expensive reality with our range.

Kids Love Us

Our kids range of quilt cover sets, beach towels, bathroom towels and more are designed to spur the imagination and help facilitate the creative expression of your child’s character. Your child’s bedroom can become a sanctuary of imagination and creative expressions where together you can furnish their dreams.

PRO TIP: Gift Giving

The baby shower has become the first official rite of passage for any new bub. Whilst they're still in the womb, a bub can enjoy a whole parties worth of gifts! Buying a gift that looks cheap can send the message that you think that your friends impending bub isn’t the best thing to happen to your entire universe. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a baby shower but it doesn’t hurt to look like you have. Check out our article Baby shower Gift Ideas for Under $30” for great gifts that look great without breaking the bank.

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