Tips for Styling Your Kid’s Bedroom

They may be young but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your kid’s bedroom decor. Quite the opposite, as your child grows and develops, their bedrooms should reflect their new tastes and style. However, we all know kids are notoriously fickle. One day pink is their favourite colour, the next they hate pink and love purple instead. How do we encourage imaginative play and cosy bedroom environments for our kids, without breaking the bank each time their interests change? In collaboration with The Lighting Outlet, we’ve come up with some top tips for styling your child’s bedroom to suit their wild imaginations.

1. Don't Choose A Theme

Like we mentioned, kids are constantly growing out of whatever they are interested in within 10 seconds. Considering this, interior blogger Kara Janelle recommends - don’t choose a theme. Instead, try out neutral wall colours and gentle patterns for a whimsical yet timeless look. Add in small decorative touches throughout without heavily investing in any one particular theme.

2. Let Kids Have A Say

Not choosing a theme aside, let your kids have some say in how their room is decorated! If your child’s favourite colour is green or if they love cars, you can incorporate these aspects in small, simple ways. Maybe invest in a light green dresser with clean, simple lines. Maybe invest in plants for air quality, easy-remove wall decals, or a racing car quilt cover set and pillows to match. Don’t, however, don’t buy a racing car bed. By the time he’s 13, this will likely have to be replaced.

3. Let The Light In

A really great way to style a kids bedroom, without adopting a strong theme, is to get creative with lighting. Kids love the interesting shapes, colours, and patterns light can throw and there are light shapes and styles that can last for years into the teens and beyond. Here are just a few:

Festoon Lightning

Warm, magical, festoon lighting provides fanciful lighting decoration your daughter or son can love right up into their teens. Festoon lights draped down the side of a bedpost or near a window can also double perfectly as a night light.

Night Lights

If your child is afraid of the dark nightlights can help create a sense of wonder as they go to bed. Choose a lamp or night light with inserts that can create interesting patterns on the walls. This beautiful egg-shaped lamp from CLA Lighting is a great example of how night lights can create easy, restful ambience.

A Quirky Bedside Lamp


This could mean anything, from a lamp, painted bright yellow to a themed lamp such as this nautical kerosene lamp by CLA Lighting. Kids love the unique and original to admire.

These are just some of the unique touches you can add to your child’s bedroom to make their room an imaginative, unique safe-haven - all while keeping the room neutral enough so there’s space to grow. What bedroom features do you use to decorate and inspire?

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