What’s Trending In Linen

If you're ready to change over your linen sets and want to know what's trending and hot in fashion right now, look no further than this guide to What's Trending In Linen.

Integrated Stripes

Think white stripes on a white pillowcase. We’re not talking nautical themed bedspreads, we’re talking an integrated stripe pattern on a single coloured bedspread. Right now, they’re trending in linen like crazy. Subtle stripes will give your bedspread a classic and luxurious lift without throwing off the colour balance of your bedroom. It is the perfect bedspread for parents, newlyweds and the teenager who’s grown out of Spongebob themed duvet covers. Integrated stripes are classy, simple and classic and right now they’re majorly trending in linen.

Neutrals never fail

If you’re looking for timeless interior choices that will never go out of fashion, present well and form the base for any embellishments to other areas of your room then neutrals never fail. Elect crisp whites, smooth caramels or beautiful beige to form the basis of your bedrooms. Neutrals are always trending in Linen, never go out of fashion and are a timeless decision for your bedroom decor.

Make it pop

blue quilt cover

Instead of going all out spending on a neon bright yellow bedspread that goes out of fashion faster than a banana bruises, choose bed linen that has a neutral base with a pop of colour. Choose the mood of your room and work backwards to find the colour that’s right for you. Find a quilt cover set that isn’t overwhelming but has a pop. Choose the covers that pop because that’s what’s trending in linen in 2014. You could even change up your entire bedroom look by adding new bed cushions, European pillows or a textured throw.

So when you're ready to change over your bedspreads and inspire a fresh new look in the bedroom, look at what's trending in linen and see what is inspiring others in their bedrooms today.


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