Egyptian Cotton vs. Regular Cotton

You may well have talked to people who will tell you that their bed linen or sheet sets are made of Egyptian cotton. There is likely to be an assumption, from their statement, that you'll already know the key advantages that such linen enjoys.

A Worthy Investment

If you haven't yet investigated such differences when choosing your Manchester, here's a brief guide to the main differences. Egyptian cotton is recognised to be of a higher quality than regular alternatives, a key reason being that it uses longer and smoother fibres in its construction, compared to shorter and often coarser alternatives in the regular product. This means that you will enjoy a silkier feel against your skin when you slip beneath your sheets - such as with the finest luxury 400 thread count present in the Lux Koln flat sheet and pillowcases, complete with a superb sateen weave. This offers simple proof that the number of woven fibres attests to the quality of the finished cotton itself.

It's also fair to say that the added strength and durability that Egyptian cotton offers does mean that your linen choices will retain their style and substance for a substantial period of time. This easily explains why Egyptian choices, while more expensive when initially purchased, do tend to provide a more sound investment.

Suitable For The Bed, Bath & Beyond

Of course, it isn't only in the bedroom that you can enjoy this silkier embrace, which comes from plants often grown in the shadow of the Nile, one of the world's iconic rivers. This water theme continues when you wrap yourself in the sumptuous generosity of a 550 GSM bath sheet. It's just one of our many stunning Ramesses towel choices.

Egyptian cotton enjoys a favourable climate as it grows, as much as our Manchester choices featuring this world-famed source enjoy a fond welcome from so many customers. If you're looking for an extensive range of Egyptian cotton products at affordable prices, look no further than Manchester Madness!

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