Bath and Beach Towels

Welcome to our online bathroom and beach accessories range, where you will find a diverse collection of towels, bathrobes, rugs and contours, from Australia’s best brands at the most affordable prices online.

Create the bathroom of your dreams with our affordable range of bathroom towels, bath robes, rugs and contours, shower curtains, accessories and beach towels.

On average, a person will spend 1.5 years of their life in the bathroom.

At Manchester Madness we believe in providing hotel quality furnishings and accessories to make your bathroom a five-star experience without the five-star price tag. You can decorate and fit-out your bathroom space with premium bathroom products at competitive prices online right now!

Our range of bath towels represent the best of Australia’s brands with a comprehensive range of sizes, styles, colours and fabrics. You can wrap yourself in luxury and great value with some of Australia’s favourite premium brands including Sheridan, Canningvale, Dri-Glo and Bambury.

Below, we've listed some key considerations for you, when shopping for your bathroom.

Bathroom Sets

Our products come in a variety of set options - you don’t need to buy a full set if you’re only looking to replace some of your hand washers. With our comprehensive range, you have complete control to mix and match coordinate sets, colours, sizes and more. Our range of towels come in bath mats, bath sheets, hand towels, bath towels, face washers and gorgeous gift sets.


Make sure you’re making the most out of your bathroom investment with quality products that are designed to last. GSM stands for Grams per Square Metre. In literal terms, this is a reference to the weight of the fabric per one square metre. Practically this translates to the softness or absorbency of a particular item. Typically, the higher the GSM, the longer the item will take to dry as it has a higher concentration of materials which are more absorbent.

PRO TIP: Interior Design

When choosing your bathroom furnishings, it is great to know what lasts. Your bathroom may be your sanctuary but it is a high-traffic zone and it certainly gets a workout. Bath towels can be expensive but if they have the right qualities such as GSM and fabric then they can be an absolute pleasure and ones you wont have to replace for a long time.

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