Thread Count: What Does It Actually Mean?

Is there anything better than burrowing your face into soft, silky sheets that are smooth as butter? At Manchester Madness, we think there are few greater pleasures in life! But at what thread count do you achieve that desired effect? We've put together a little guide on how to find the best thread count for a cosy night's sleep. Sure, a higher thread count can often imply a higher quality sheet or enhanced softness, but is this always the case?

What Is Thread Count?

Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. This is decided based on the number of threads woven horizontally (the ‘weft’) and the number of threads woven vertically (the ‘warp’). Finally, ‘picks’ (additional threads) can be woven into the weft to create additional thread count that can reach into the thousands. While you are likely guaranteed a soft sheet with a high thread count, a thread count anywhere between 200 - 800 can also produce a sheet of quality. 200 to 800 is, therefore, a useful range to consider when buying your next sheet set. It all depends on what comfort level you prefer and your budget.

What Thread Count Is Best?

More often than not, many mills can only weave a maximum of 500 to 600 threads into one square inch of fabric. Although this number can vary, it gives you a baseline for knowing the difference between a bed sheet that has a minimal amount of threads woven in, and one that has added threads to increase the count.

Does Egyptian Cotton Matter?

A lot of bed linen sheets such as the Ramesses 1100 Thread Egyptian Cotton are still of value, as the very best cotton in the world is grown in Egypt. If you are wanting high-quality sheets of Egyptian cotton, followed by Pima cotton (from America) are great options. If you prefer cotton woven to create a silky smooth surface, Sateen is known for best. If you like light-weight breathable, summer-time fabrics, Percale is cotton for you.

At Manchester Madness we believe thread count is simply a unit of measure that has exaggerated importance. It is only one component of ensuring the highest quality sheets possible. So, when considering thread count, take the number into account but don’t pin too much on it. Anything between 300 to 600 is likely to be fine. When making your purchase, also consider the type of fabric and the different weave types such as sateen and percale.

If you are looking for a bestseller sheet that many members of the Manchester Madness community have already vouched for, the Logan & Mason Platinum 400 Thread Count with Egyptian Cotton Sateen Fitted Sheet is a favourite you will enjoy.

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