Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas


No matter what size your bathroom is, you will always be thankful for more storage. A bathroom houses a crazy amount of items considering it is usually the smallest room of the house, from soaps to cotton balls and cleaning supplies to nail polishes. Add to that the need to store bulky towels and you can find yourself in trouble. So how do you bring some order to it all?

Towel racks

Towel racks are a great way to hang towels ready for use and when placed behind a door, towel racks take up very little space.

Under-the-sink storage

Under the sink is a practical place for storage, as the floor space below the sink is unused. If you don’t have enough space for an under-sink storage cabinet, try adding a floating shelf. Not only will it give you a handy space to sit towels, but it also gives your bathroom a fresh, modern look.

Vanity cabinets

A narrow cabinet flanking each side of the vanity will offer space for all the little bottles you need to store, while keeping them out of reach from little hands. The added bonus is that by getting bottles out of the main cabinet area, you have plenty of room to store your towels.

Corner hat stand

Hang towels from a hat stand and make use of empty corners. A plant stand can also be used as a caddy for soaps and shampoo, while offering a place to store hand towels.


Group towels into baskets, separating sizes or colour. Baskets are a practical and pretty way to store away your bathroom essentials without the need for cabinets and can be stored on top of each other in a corner.

Pull-out racks

Try hanging damp hand towels on easy to pull out racks beneath the sink. Hand towels are out of sight, but still handy for when you need them.

Built-in storage

A pedestal sink can look beautiful but lacks any potential for storage. A good option would be to fit storage behind the sink, keeping draws wide enough to store a variety of towels.


When floor space is lacking, it’s time to go up instead of out. A vintage ladder not only looks effective, but creates ample space for hanging damp towels. A storage ladder can be used to display a variety of bathroom accessories and essentials, with towels placed on the bottom or widest shelf.

Tilt-out wall bin

Instead of placing a laundry basket in an already small space, try adding a hamper to the inside of your wall. Dirty towels can be kept hidden from sight until you are ready to do the washing.

Freestanding cabinets

Freestanding cabinets are friendly on the budget and can look effective with the use of baskets and containers.

X-style display

An X-style display cabinet allows you to store towels and bring colour to your bathroom while keeping your towels at hand.


Raid garage sales and charity shops for an old kitchen hutch that can be brightened up with a lick of paint. A hutch can bring charm to your bathroom while offering plenty of storage for your towels.


When hammering storage shelves into walls isn’t an option, make use of an attractive chair by folding a stack of towels.

Peg rail

A peg rail takes up very little space, yet allows you to hang multiple towels at once. Place a shelf on top of the peg rail for extra storage that is ideal for lotions.

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