How to: Decorate a Girl's Nursery

Congratulations! Your baby girl is on the way and it’s time to prepare the nursery so that you can welcome her home in style. You want to create a space that’s fun and playful yet safe and soothing, a room that’s both personal and practical, and most of all, you want the decoration process to feel effortless – you’ve got enough on your mind when you’re pregnant!

Start By Keeping It Simple

A nursery is not a nursery forever, but while it is, it needs to function well. Rather than temporarily painting the walls with pink polka dots or tripping over a life-size fairy princess installation in the middle of the night, turn your attention towards keeping the fundamental elements of the room clean, safe and neutral, with plenty of storage for all those sweet little cot sets and baby blankets.

Security Blankets

Personalise With Accessories

Once you’ve got the basics sorted, it’s time for the fun part – personalising by accessorising. This is where a sense of flair comes to the fore, as you choose baby bedding and nursery accoutrements along with toys, books and all the adorable trinkets that your daughter will cherish as she grows.

Equip Your Nursery With Ease

Preparing for your baby girl doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. At Manchester Madness, we have a range of the cutest bunny rugs, wraps, towels, cushions, linen and décor for you to browse, all in one place. We are dedicated to making the transition to parenthood enjoyable and hassle-free, allowing you to decorate your nursery in a beautiful way that won’t break the budget. Best of all, we stock some of Australia’s favourite brands and have a focus on safety and comfort, so you can have some extra peace of mind during this happy and exciting time.

Baby Bubba Blue

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