How to: Design a Gender Neutral Nursery

The traditional idea that nurseries have to be blue for a baby boy and pink for a baby girl is surely a world away from how new arrivals are now welcomed into our 21st century world. It's also likely that, if you are looking forward to that precious addition to your family, you may still want the baby's sex only to be revealed when he or she is born. Therefore, as you enjoy being pregnant and prepare a nursery for your newborn, you don't wish it to be gender specific.

Go With A Theme

One way to achieve this is to decide to create a themed nursery. This might reflect the area you live in, such as the seaside or countryside; or even to provide an alternative to it, if you are a city or town dweller. Another option with a theme is to choose a subject, such as wild or woodland animals and birds, or the alphabet, and then create a nursery that presents this theme in a range of stylish ways.


You can then match items to this theme, often after the baby is born. For example, our Bubba Blue Embroidered Baby Owl Bassinet Sheet sets offer both girl and boy options. Other choices from the terrific Bubba Blue range include forest, elephant and many more creations.

Choose A Base, And Build!

Another option is to choose a base colour for your gender neutral nursery and then work around variations on that. This might be bright, such as yellow or red, or cooler blues and greens. Apart from the bedding, you can then add some accessories to match the colour theme - cool mats to mobiles, bibs to cot bumpers, growth charts to nappy stackers.

As you consider the choices for your nursery, you'll want to create an effect where your precious new arrival will feel both relaxed and, as time passes, more interested by their surroundings. You'll be able to add to your theme during those first few months with toy animals, collages and prints for the wall, beautiful baby bedding and many other extras that will develop the original idea into a highly personalised nursery.

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